off to a good start

When you go on holidays

It’s awesome to have all the gadgets

I’m a fan of the portable DVD player so you don’t kill the kids

And GPS with Google maps as a back up so you don’t kill the husband

I was all organised on this trip

We arrived in Sandusky, Ohio 5 hours after leaving home

It was a good drive, but we were happy to finally be there

At the Great Wolf Lodge

With it’s indoor water park, and it’s close proximity to the amusement park King’s Island

Bring it on!

It was all good until we checked in

And we were told by the pimply teenage know-it-all at reception that we were at the WRONG Great Wolf Lodge

‘Scuse me and what the fucky fuck?

Apparently there’s like 8 Wolf Bloody Lodges across North America

This is news to me

I just googled Wolf Lodge, Ohio – and got Sandusky

So it turns out the one WE were booked at, the one next to King’s Island, was 4 hours away in MASON Ohio




So THAT, is how our trip started

A 5 hour trip turned into a 9 hour trip

Because the GPS and the Google maps suck arse if you type in the wrong destination address

Which I did some fucktard did!

And then the mother fucking, cock sucking, piece of crap dvd player shat itself

So on this trip I learned that yes indeed…

But it did get better I swear

One comment

  1. Bet they would have let you book in if you had that little red hood on…

    Can you bring me that sign when you return? I have a great spot for it…

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