happy hour

If you have young kids and ever get the chance, take them to Great Wolf Lodge and/or King’s Island

Try to go straight there though

Instead of via Sandusky like us losers we did (read previous post here)

It’s awesome

Like Disney, but without the crowds, princesses and crazy prices

It still ‘touristy’ – but better value for money I reckon

The hotel was full of stuff for the kids to do so mummy & daddy could drink

They gave them magic wands that activated treasure chests, talking paintings and all sorts of other stuff in the hotel

They got to sleep in really cool bunk beds in a dark room

Which meant they slept late so mummy & daddy could drink

They also had story time every night, which was a great way to finish off the days

It was in the foyer, right next to the bar so mummy & daddy could drink


King’s Island was right next to the hotel, with a path connecting them

So we could walk there, which I bitched about the whole way the kids loved

We got horribly sunburnt had a lot of fun there

Will blog more about that later

For now, it’s back to the MOUND of laundry we brought back with us


Oh who am I kidding?

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