yogi bear

I’m not a fan of excercise

Never have been

I have to say that Yoga looks like the least fun way to spend the day


But if you look at these pics 

At least the guy on the right got to have a drink while he was doing it

So while it might look like a fail

I’d give it a go

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve already mastered at least 4 of these moves

loud & clear

Coming from the US summer to the Aussie winter isn’t really a big deal

So far in Sydney, we’ve only had 3 days that weren’t sunny

The only down side is that it’s flu season over here

And then there’s the whole swine flu bullshit concerns too 

There’s not a lot you can do about it really except try and take precautions

Wash hands, no open mouth kissing with strangers, eat well, get lots of sleep

I’ve been trying my best to get the girls to do all of the above

By the looks of their play time this morning, I reckon they’ve gotten the message

Loud and clear