skype slip

I know I’ve talked about it before

But I love SKYPE except when it doesn’t work

For me, it’s an awesome way to stay in touch with my husband and kids when I’m on the road

Nothing beats actually being able to nag from the other side of the world see their faces every day

Mum and Dad are big fans as well

Fluffy’s slowly getting used to it

He’s learnt that if he wants to be an arsehole chew shit up in front of me while we’re skyping

There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it

Smart dog



The girls and I play games, sing songs and read books while we’re on skype

They were showing me some of their dance moves this morning

And I was teaching them the Y.M.C.A

Because the Village People rule

Miss 5 decided to introduce a variation to the dance

The letter “A” was now being done by their legs

Up on the table, in the shape of an upside-down “V”

With their arm across the middle to complete the “A” shape

This was the last shot I got

Before Miss 3 fell arse over tit backwards off the chair

And after a second’s silence I still can’t see her

But I can hear her little voice from under the table

Oohh mummy, this SKYPING hurts!

Or as she says: It HERR-WUTS!


Next time we might try something less  bloody stupid dangerous

Twinkle Twinkle little star maybe?

rangas or rascals?

In Vegas you have

The Luxor Hotel


And in Geelong you have

The Sphinx Hotel


The Luxor has this *ranga Carrot Top

And the Sphinx has


Who would YOU pick?



* RANGA:  Aussie slang for ORANGUTANG

Commonly used to describe ugly fuckers red heads