keeping warm

what does this look like to you?

Whatever your guess was, I bet it was something gross

It is pretty hideous looking isn’t it?

I can’t think of anything nice this might actually be

Even though this is what it really is

I know, it looks like something left over from an Italian’s bikini wax

It’s actually the ‘blanket’ on the bed in my hotel room


A really lovely room – comfy bed and all that

But I’d rather freeze my tits off turn the heat up than wrap myself in this

All shades of fucking wrong right there people…

video(s) of the week

they say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery
I'm not only corrupting my kids
Yours too apparently
There's also a little girl singing "camel toe" that's doing the rounds on facebook 
I'm useless at this technology shit
I haven't worked out how to post that here yet


We made it!

Either that or someone has hacked into my website and is blogging for me

You should be so lucky!

Flight was exceptionally smooth which is usually the case on the smaller aircraft

Something to do with aerodynamic forces, velocity, drag and lots of other shit I don’t understand other factors

We even got to sit up the front in the 99% death seats ‘first class’

The little plane that could

We’re at the motel now unpacking

Then I’m going to have a nanna nap go for a 5km run then head into town for a nice salad!